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Licensed Direct Lenders that offer Installment Loans

As an individual working in your living, you will always find yourself in need of your money in the middle of the week after your salary. This time, you will be waiting for your next salary. The need for money may be due to different scenarios and could be so urgent that you have to handle the situation or settle it as soon as possible. This could be cases such as repairing a damaged roof, bills that are essential for the living, or repairing a broken car. In this case, installment loans from direct lenders are available, when you need money.

Do Installment Loans with a Bad Credit Score exist?

As a person having a bad shape in a credit score, it can be hard for you to get urgent cash in an immediate situation.

Those people who have bad credit like you, for instance, often find it difficult to apply in credit facilities because conventional lending institutions like banks and credit bureaus utilize it as verification in your creditworthiness. This only means that you will be denied in a loan if you have a 600 lower credit score.

Do I need guaranteed installment loans?

Online lenders are offered a loan where you can repay in equal amounts of your loan for a set period. This is called a guaranteed installment direct lender. These guaranteed online lenders are very helpful and very different in payday loans.

How long will it take to get approved with an Installment Loan?

The offer that your direct lender will give you on the length of the personal loans or payday loans, the interest rate, and the amount of your loan that you will be needed to repay is based every month. This duration of an installment loan will surely make you agree.

Even if you have a stellar credit history, you will be able to have this kind of loan and fix your financial problems urgently. Lenders in this connection will have fewer firm conditions that you can easily be qualified to have a loan as long as you can meet their standard requirement in having a loan. Lenders will verify your personal information and employment during the loan application.

Installment Loans for Emergency Scenarios

You have been thinking lately about your bills and needs at home and budgeted everything for your income, but you have rarely thought about your fully-funded emergency account. These are the cases where most of us are mistaken.

Being dependent on your income might give you a headache because you never know when an emergency will occur.

When you deal with a difficult situation, things may become challenging for you especially for financial problems. In this case, we can connect you to many direct lenders in our network.

Lenders can help you with our Direct Installment Loan

A financial crisis is very common now, that’s why lenders have been in the industry to help people during the crisis. You can pick a plan with your lender for you to repay the loan as well as to solve your financial problems depending on your current income and financial needs.

You are required to undergo a soft credit check

A soft credit check is a simple background check of your credit score but does not affect your credit rating. The essence of this check is to verify the information that you gave to them, to make sure that your information is valid. Some of the lender’s claim that they do not make any credit checks on their borrowers. As a candidate, a soft credit check is required to do so.

Installment Loans have Monthly Payments Schedule

If the lender can assure that you will be able to give the payment for the loan on time and the information that you gave are all accurate, the loan is handed out to your checking account that you provide.

How do Direct Lending works?

Do you sometimes need cash for you to get out of a certain problem? The direct lenders are available just for you. Direct lending is a form of debt provision where there are no intermediaries or brokers.

Brokers only allow you to loan because they will add interest to get their cash.

This is the best option for some people because they have no credit check needed. Unlike in the direct lenders, you are not charged extra cash and you are sure that they can provide the value of your loan that you need

With these online payday loans available, you can overcome the problems as soon as possible and make a solid long-term financial plan. If you are finding the best online payday loan, you can apply with us at livinloan.com, an online payday loan where you can get in 3-easy steps and get cash in less than a minute! Whether you have bad credit or not, you can apply here. You just have to fill up all the important details of yours on our application form that we will provide on the website and just wait for your confirmation. Once you are confirmed, the funds are already in your bank account! Just as simple as that!

You don’t have to think about people who will come to your house and give you a notice of eviction, or maybe auctioning one of your assets to get their money back.

Bad credit is not a problem for Installment Loans

If you are worried about your bad credit, you have other options. Personal loans are very applicable for the people who have bad credit and installment loans direct lenders only from a lender to expand their own business if you are business-minded. This is suggestable for it can boost your stocks and generate income as you repay your loan in installments. Small business of a person, you may not have additional sales to generate an act to pay for additional stocks.

Moreover, these installment loans will allow you to get the stocks and improve sales on your property. You can go and have an agreement with your lender about the best way that he or she can offer to repay your debt without any damage in your daily business activities.


The objective of loans is to aid your financial challenges that come in your way in a short period.

You are not anxious about this kind of agreement because you can comply with your lender on their terms and conditions together with the interest rate that they offer to you.

Lenders can do deductions monthly from your bank account

Considering you are repaying the loan in equal installments, the lender will give you choices on how you will repay the loan. The two choices are you can repay your loan by yourself or you can allow your lender to deduct the cash automatically from your accounts.

In the procedure of automatic deduction, all you need to secure is that the cash is available to your account on the said agreed date to prevent any extra charges that may apply to you as overdraft charges. You can search for a fit lender to you who can understand and meet your needs.