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How Do Car Title Loans Work Online?

This type of loan is created for those who need money at a fast pace to manage their bills for their living and to pay their debt and solve an emergency. 

A car title loan is a great option for those people who own a car paid off or to have a loan onto their possessions. However, All of the loans have their pros and cons. The advantage is that you can have your cash in hand quickly but the disadvantage is that when you didn’t pay in time, your possession can be taken away from you or used in your loan. 

Are title loans online different from other loans? 

The title loans are the loans that put up your car as collateral in order for you to have the money that you need and these loans are short term and secured. 

There is a good thing about this loan. The good thing is that lenders are secured because property collateral that they have will be used as their back up for your loan and get a loan also with a large amount. 

How much could be the estimated cost can I apply from a title loan? 

This type of loan is different from the other loan because your car is used by the lender for security and the loan money that you can have in this loan will range from $200 up to $5,000 or even more. The loan amount value is based on your car’s value and the length of your loan decided to refresh your loan.

What type of vehicle can I  use to get a title loan? 

The term itself “Car” means you can apply for this loan with all types of car-like vans, electric cars, trucks, and motorbikes. 

You should have your own car legally under your name in order for you to apply for a car title loan. The good thing about this loan is that you can have right away the amount of money that you need. The car is the second best if you have an owner of the car. 

Is there another term for title loans?

The other term for a car title loan is “pink-slip auto loan”  which is a term derived from the paper used from the past of the lenders which is color pink. The others are called car title pledges” or “title pawn loans”.

What are the requirements of the lender?

The lender also needed your original local ID and insurance details to make sure the car belongs to you. You just have to show these requirements to the lenders for clarification. 

Is it possible for a loan to be approved without going through the inspection? 

The car inspection is needed for the lenders to know the value of your car and can estimate the amount of money to give to you. And proof that you have your own property, not just papers.

Should the lender get my car?

No, only the car title of your car will be handed over so he/she is secured whatever happens to your agreement once you get approved for an auto loan. Of course, you can only retrieve the papers from your lender once you settle the loan. 

Is a title loan expensive?

You must be fully informed that a lender can get 20% of the borrowed money amount every 30 days to provide the loan when you are considering a car title loan from the lender. 

The good thing about this kind of happenings is that you are able to pay back $2,500 not inclusive of the additional charges if you get a month-long title loan of the car for 2,00 and the amount is 25% which costs $500 in order to abolish your loan at month-end. 

What is the maximum annual percentage rate?

In common, it is better off gaining a different type of loan from different sectors like banks and others if you clearly understand the APR in excess of 320%.

The lender must also discuss the title loan’s APR plus fees according to the law for transparency when you apply for a car title loan. You can see all the lenders charges on the web by going to the lower part of their websites. 

You must know your APR is necessary because it is a great thing to know if the amount that you will be repaying is fitted in your budget. The amount of interest also applies to the APR in which you will be paying for the whole year of the loan. This makes you feel comfortable and affordable for you if the lender offers you the interest rate. 

What are the steps on how to repay the online loan? 

As a borrower, you must work on your finances and trace how much money you need in order to pay comfortably. The duration of this type of online loan is essential. It also takes responsibility for the other extra fees associated with monitoring in your loan. 

Are there consequences if I wasn’t able to pay? 

You should not worry if you have hard times to repay the other fees and charges of your loan. You should take caution that this is not a good result as you will be able to extend your fees and charges to your loan if you aren’t able to pay them. 

Loan extension example

An illustration of this loan extension on a car loan is a $1000 loan with a charge of $250. You aren’t able to repay the loan at the end of the month and the lenders add you a $200 plus fee for penalty and extend the thousand dollars outstanding amount different to your loan with a 30% charge. As a result, you must pay $500 in charges on the $1000 loan after you have finished the loan and will result in you having to rook out.

You could be stretching yourself too far if you decide to extend the loan term for you and use your car again for a loan.

Is it okay if I failed to pay my title loan? 

No, this may cause your transport to be taken away from you. You can only reclaim your car by just paying all the additional fees and this can cause you to lose your job for you don’t have any means of transportation there. 

Are these loans worth it or not?

The lenders will most likely agree to apply you for a loan if you have your own property. One reason also is that if you have no other source of cash title loans which you can get money urgently. 


  1. Much easier confirmation of your loan
  2. Less worry for bad credits
  3. Comfortable means of application form approval
  4. Transfer of money urgently
  5. Phone assistance
  6. Type of vehicles are accepted
  7. You can use your car
  8. The bank account is not required
  9. Monthly payments of your choice

Bad credit for a credit loan? No problem? 

Bad credit history will not be a reason to invest in a car. But how much is the value of your car is the main point of the loan. Many dealers specialize for those borrowers who have a bad credit history. Going everywhere as possible for bankruptcy is not a choice for you. 

Do I need to have a good performance in paying a loan online? 

The lenders that we offer here at Livinloan.com do not require you to have a good standing of credit score in order for you to apply for a loan.

You must know these things in order for you to improve your credit score by repaying your loan on time and this will get your credit score better from the past. 


At Livinloan.com, we can provide you a loan that is applicable for you near you by just check-in online. 

List of states that has title loans

You must have to fill up your form to search for a local lender if you live in these states. 

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Choose your best loan lenders company

You must first see the different company who offers a loan that can fit what suits you before you begin your loan application process. 

Does this type of loan have a credit check? 

Some of the lenders must be able to process a credit check to your credit history while you are in the process of applying for your loan. And this may impact your total credit score and you must be able to see if you are qualified to apply for a loan.

Title loans as alternatives

Leasing a car might be a better option if you want to have a new car. You must be able to deal with your payments at your agreed time and date.  

You must be wise enough to look around to those leasing companies. 

Final tips for borrowers

You must go into an agreement where you know yourself what is your highest price and never let you go over that mark. This will save you from your loan that you want so don’t give any ideas about your mark price. 

It is the salesperson’s job to try you to get this up even if you are already put forward at a high price so it is best to start your bid at the very least and level up to what figures you are comfortable with.

Always remember that you are the only one who can manipulate your own and the lenders only want your customs.

Just follow all the rules well and be able to drive home with your car after your loan. Just to make sure you choose wisely for a perfect loan for you – happy motoring!